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FloralWell is an innovative, wide based, cost effective, leak proof container which can be externally wrapped and provides superior stability during transport. This container is suitable for tall arrangements, bouquets, plants and chocolate bouquets. The two sizes hold 1.2ml and 700ml of water enabling the flowers to last longer even if the customer forgets to water the arrangement.

To compliment the FloralWell container we have designed the FloralBox, FloralBag, FloralBasket, StarSheets, Floral Rose Boxes, Floral Shoes, Jute rolls, Gift cards and bespoke Card Stand . We will be increasing our product range with more innovative products.

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FloralWell was dreamt, designed and manufactured out of the need to solve problems with existing containers. FloralWell is an innovative, wide based, cost effective, leak proof and externally wrapped container for arrangements, bouquets, chocolate bouquets and plants. FloralWells provide superior stability during transportation for couriers and customers.

As a retail florist for over 30 years we soon realised that sending flowers out as bunches was not doing us any favors. All our bouquets and arrangements were sent out in FloralWells with amazing results. Interest for this new container came from florists nationally and internationally.

Customers were delighted they did not need to follow a list of instructions and discard the decorative wrapping in the bin, only to have the gift look half the size and not as beautiful as when it arrived. Customers prefer to receive flowers in a container due to their busy lifestyles. They do not need to find a vase, cut the stems or mix the flower food. Glass vases require cleaning and cannot be put in the recycle bin, FloralWells can be recycled. See list of benefits.


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