As a retail florist for over 30 years we soon realised that sending flowers out without being in a container was not doing us any favors. All our bouquets and arrangements were sent out in containers with amazing results. 

Customers were delighted they did not need to follow a list of instructions and discard the decorative wrapping in the bin, only to have the gift look half the size and not as beautiful as when it arrived. Customers prefer to receive flowers in a container due to their busy lifestyles. They do not need to find a vase, cut the stems or mix the flower food. Glass vases require cleaning and cannot be put in the recycle bin. See list of benefits.

Couriers preferred to deliver bouquets in containers as they did not need to balance bouquets, with water bags, in their vans and feel obliged to educate the recipient not to lay the flowers down as water will escape onto their office desk or furniture. Couriers have been lavish in their praise.

We have designed the FloralBox, Hessian Bag, Star Sheets, Rose Boxes, Floral Shoes, Gift cards, bespoke Card Stand and Bamboo Frames .


They are the most excellent product to use. I work with these Floralboxes all day long. Plus there is an actual water well, so heaps of water storage. The comments from customers is that they are lasting well and my couriers like them because they are stable for travelling. You can also use them as a vase without the foam. Xx

These brilliant products have made me be a better florist.. My customers are always asking me why the flowers are lasting longer!!

I have been using your products since they were first available but having seen the additions to the range at the recent Interflora Conference, especially the new funky high heel shoes, I highly recommend Floralwell products.

You are fabulous. The cards and the stand are a great hit in my shop so thank you.

I love your innovative products. It gives us, the florist, more scope to be creative. Thanks again

Super stilettos! Arrived will slip them on tomorrow!! Thanks for great time on Melbourne . It’s been really busy so will send pick when time allows !!!

These look amazing. I would like to say that the shoes just look fantastic with flowers in. The paper is great for EVERYTHING, the containers, plants, lolly sacks, wrapped around the bottom of a bunch for water and for making flowers with , we will definitely be buying more.

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