I want to warn florists not to make the mistake the UK florists did. The mistake was for florists to make hand tied bouquets, without  container, the most popular design style in England.

When they were launched it was great for a while. They sold more flowers, in theory, and were easier to make. In reality they simply gave supermarkets an easy-to-copy ‘florist’ line. As a result, the UK has seen the perceived value of floristry diminished because supermarkets can easily produce bunches that, to consumers, look pretty much the same as a hand-tied bouquet from a florist.

To protect your market, you must continue to develop and promote flowers in containers. Offer “professionally designed” arrangements at various price points. Sell your bouquets in containers especially for delivered gifts. Customers do prefer to receive their floral gifts in a container for many reasons. People have very busy lives and do not need to balance the problematic water bag to avoid spillage, find a vase, measure the flower food in water and hope the bouquet looks as good in their vase, without the decorative wrapping, which does not always suit the flowers delivered. Most hospitals insist that flowers are delivered in a container.

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